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TEACH is the Pillangó Foundation’s signature initiative.

The vision of TEACH is to provide all Csángó students in Romania access to a premier education in their native language, one that is culturally authentic to them, from kindergarten through university level.

The TEACH initiative includes financial and material support for
– classroom and after-school Hungarian language and culture classes,
– field trips and summer camps for children,
– a boarding school for high school and university students,
– scholarships for outstanding high school and university students.

Students of the Csángó Boarding School of Csíkszereda (Miercurea Ciuc) during a special performance

A vital part of our TEACH initiative, the Pillangó Summer Camp Program, soon to enter its fifth year, has made it possible for hundreds of Csángó children to have a wonderful summer vacation that incorporates educational, cultural and athletic activities, and keeps them academically engaged until the beginning of the new school year.

For more information in Hungarian about The Sándor Teodóz Jáki Scholarship program for Csángó students you may visit the official website of the Hungarian TeachersAssociation of Romania by clicking here.

In 2014, together with the Godparent Association for the Csángó Hungarians of Moldova, we also began a new scholarship program for Csángó students studying at universities in Hungary.

Also in 2014, we expanded our TEACH initiative to help support native language education for Csángó Hungarian students of the Gyimes Valley in Transylvania, Romania.

In 2013, we launched the László Barabási Scholarship Program for students in Transylvania. In 2014, we expanded the scholarship program to assist all native Hungarian-speaking students in Romania. 

The goal of the Barabási Scholarship Program is to recognize and reward the academically gifted, civic-minded students of the region. It is open to students at all levels of higher education. Qualifying students have the opportunity to win 1,500 – 4,500 lei (RON) in scholarship money per academic year.

The application requirements are:

◦ Native Hungarian speaker from Romania
◦ University, college or technical college studies in Hungarian in Romania
◦ Excellent academic results (an 8.25 average or higher)
◦ 3 months of volunteering (at a cultural institution, environmental group, etc.)
◦ 3-5 page essay
◦ Domicile in Romania