The Pillangó Foundation actively supports community cultural events in Csángóland in Moldova (Romania).

The foundation also supports the preservation of important historical sites Transylvania.  It has contributed to the renovation of the 15th century Roman Catholic church in  Csíkzsögöd, Hargita County, Transylvania.  The Gothic style church is a registered historical monument in Hargita County.  The beautiful church was reconsecrated on June 15, 2014, Trinity Sunday.

zsögödi templom

The Roman Catholic church in Csíkzsögöd under renovation

The foundation has partially funded the publication of a photo guide to Transylvanian castles and manor houses by photographers Zsuzsa Demeter and Botond Püsök.  Titled “Castle Journal” (Kastélynapló), the book is the result of a marathon tour of several hundred Hungarian historical sites in the summer of 2012.  A second edition is now available. The book may be purchased directly from the publisher,  Stúdium Kiadó.

Kastélynapló - Erdély

The cover of “Kastélynapló”
by Zsuzsa Demeter and Botond Püsök