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The Foundation’s Leadership

Angela Gazda, President & Co-Founder
Angela Gazda is an educator with a passion for the cultures and languages of eastern Europe.  Having native fluency in three local languages, and conversational skills in two more, Angela works directly with the senior leadership of the various communities and organizations the foundation supports.  Responsible for the vision and overall operation of the foundation, she is also the foundation’s key figure regarding final approval of all program and grant requests.

Julie DeMaio, Managing Director – Marketing & Donor Relations
Julie comes to the foundation with over 21 years of international marketing and charitable giving experience. Julie is responsible for raising awareness of the foundation around the globe.  In addition to being one of the foundation’s key evangelists, Julie is responsible for welcoming all donors to the foundation’s family.  Outside the foundation, Julie holds a position with Yale University’s Center for British Art, where she is a docent and educator on British art and visual literacy.

Christine Gilbertie, Managing Director Finance & Co-Founder
Chris is responsible for the foundation’s financial management, fundraising activities as well as ensuring that the foundation is in keeping with all US and international charitable giving laws and standards working directly with the foundation’s legal and accounting firms.  Additionally, she is responsible for grantee compliance ensuring that all funds are fully and properly attributed to the foundation’s efforts.  Outside the foundation, Chris is the Co-Founder of Generator Media, an award-winning  marketing and media agency based in New York.

Dávid Teravagimov, Managing Director – Operations
Dávid is a native of eastern Europe, having been born and raised in Budapest.  Dávid is responsible for website maintenance and expansion, grantee logistics, on-site visits and procurement, and community outreach.  In addition, he plays a critical role in the strategy development of each project, along with the cost analysis and budget tracking.  In addition to logistics and fulfillment, Dávid has operational oversight of the foundation’s website.

Farkas Fekete,  Director Activation & Social Media
Farkas is based in Budapest and is a leader in the activation process.  Farkas ensures that programs are activated according to plan, has responsibility in procurement and budget management, and oversees the promotion of each plan via unique community and social outreach tactics.  Farkas also assists in on-site visits, logistics, and program coordination.

Board of Directors

Angela Gazda, Chair

Christine Gilbertie

Dávid Teravagimov

Gabriella Török

Shattuck Groome