hypanis.ru Our Values | Pillango Foundation

Learning is an essential conduit to a better life. The communities we serve are disadvantaged in this respect. Our initiatives center around helping individuals and communities to not only gain access to better education and educational tools, but an education that is taught in their native language and that is culturally authentic to them.

We seek to help protect the human rights and interests of the long-standing linguistic, ethnic, and national minority communities we serve.  We firmly believe that inherent in the idea of a civil society is the ability to openly express and enjoy one’s heritage without fear of intimidation or persecution.  Our initiatives and programs seek to rigorously defend this ideal.

Each child deserves to have the local support and encouragement necessary to achieve their dreams, regardless of ethnic or linguistic background, region of living, or means. Through our work, we seek to create platforms that strengthen community ties by finding common ground initiatives which serve to break down barriers while promoting unity, understanding, and mutual respect.